Who can I configurate the Microsoft Windows 7 Firewall? Where can I find the Microsoft Windows Firewall? These are the 6 easy stept to do this.

You can find and configurate the Windows Firewall in 6 easy steps:

1. First click the 'start button'.
2. In the right colon pick 'configuration screen'.
3. A window opened cold 'configuration screen'.
4. The first thing you see is: 'System and Security', click on it.
5. The second big item in the right colon is your 'Windows Firewall'.
6. Click on 'Windows Firewall' and you can see if your network is secured by the Windows Firewall.

The Microsoft Windows Firewall is turned on as standard. People who don't know why they have a Firewall, please leave it on for a maximum of security. This tool ensures that hackers can't break in to your computer.

The control panel of the Firewall integrated in Microsoft Windows 7

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