Geinimi virus infects thousands of Android mobile Smartphone's in China

A powerful virus appears to affect Android phones in China. It may be the most refined attack on mobile phones to date, security experts believe. Lookout Corporate Antivirus Mobile Security estimates that thousands of these Android machines are infected.

The virus, which is named 'Geinimi', enter through apps with versions of video games like 'Monkey Jump 2' and 'President vs. Aliens'.

The Geinimi virus is in fact a Trojan horse, one of the most dangerous virus sorts in the world. A Trojan horse is in fact a hidden peace of software that install itself together with the real software program you want to install. It's installed without any notice of the user.

Infected Smartphone's calling every five minutes to a computer for instructions. They send information of the location of the device, the hardware and SIM card. It may perhaps constitute a malicious network to attack specific computer or to steal identity information.

Tips to avoid the Geinimi Virus
Be careful with app rights, look if they are suspicious.

Try to get your apps form the official Android Market.

Install an anti-virus app like 'Lookout' (this application already protects you against the Geinimi virus).